Speaking Of…Ted Talks, Cake Decorating, and More

Speaking Of 051614


The best Ted Talk I have ever heard, right here.

Lily’s birthday is coming up. I can’t wait to try these tips when I make her cake!

Oh, joy. The crazies are back. This means I won’t be able to run the National Mall today.

Poor Little It Girl found the perfect maxi dress for Spring. I will be stalking it until it goes on sale.

God, I miss the 90s. So does Into the Gloss, apparently. (Although I doubt they were even born yet.)

I read this story five years ago and it changed me. I reread it again today.






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  1. Baconpancakes says:

    I was a little annoyed by the “experiment” with Joshua Bell when I first read it, and I’m a little annoyed again, rereading it. I’ve heard some amazing street performers in a few of the metros, but like everyone else described in the article, I don’t have time to stop and listen. I’ll appreciate the music while I’m riding the escalator, but if I stop, I’ll miss my train, and since the last train was already late, and my boss holds meetings at precisely 8:30 am, an extra three minutes to listen to a virtuoso violinist means I get called out for being late in front of the rest of the team.

    Had he done the experiment after work, he probably would have drawn the crowd expected, like the string group Time for Three with the open case overflowing with dollar bills in front of McPherson Square last week.

    What the experiment seems to prove is that people need to first take care of their responsibilities before appreciating art.

    • Lynn says:

      I think that’s what Kant would say too. And I agree, until it reaches the point where life is only responsibility with none of the joy and wonder.

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