It is now week 24 (6 months) or should I say the twinnies are 66% cooked.  For those who don’t know about twin pregnancy, well full term for us lucky mums is actually 36 weeks (9 months) compared to singleton mummies requiring the full 40 weeks.  I’m so confused why people say 9 months is the length of time for pregnancy.  I feel like I’ve been misled all my life; or was I just a poor listener?  So anyway it is about time I logged the significant events relative to the weeks; such as scans, problems, pains, happy, funny and awkward moments.  Oh and there are many unpleasant things that your body has to put up with!

Week 6

I found out that I actually have hypothyroidism. (an underactive thyroid) I am now on 100mg of Thyroxine, which I take every morning prior to consuming breakfast.  My TSH levels have been corrected since taking this medication.

Week 13

YIPPEE!! We found out at our first scan that there are two little heartbeats in there.  We high-fived one another and you couldn’t wipe the smiles from our faces for weeks later.  We felt like we had hit the jackpot.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Of course, Scott and I are jumping into this parenting thing blindfolded and we have not only one pooey bottom but TWO.

Week 14

It finally makes sense why the last three months were so exhausting.  I would sleep most days for a good two hours.  I would then continue the day with a little work (I’m fortunate to work from home) and the odd chores around the house before heading off to sleep at 9pm.  I loved my sleep. I was clocking up 10-12 hours a day.  These two kiddies were draining the life out of me.

Week 15

Apart from exhaustion and crazy avocado cravings, that’s all the first 14 weeks consisted of.  I could not get enough of avocado on toast with Himalayan Rock Salt sprinkled on top; breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.  Haha. Now and then I would mix it up with boiled egg on toast but avocado was the best.

Week 16

We took off to Melbourne for 10 days.  Our last holiday/working holiday together before our household gets noisy and messy.  While Scott had to work every day, I would walk the streets of Melbourne browsing arcades, drinking coffee and enjoying $3 baguettes!  (Seriously how do they make a profit that cheap?)  The first few days were productive however I suddenly became out of breath every time I would attempt to walk Scott to work in the morning.  I refused to catch the free trams as I wanted to enjoy the Melbourne vibe and take it all in.  The slight inclines really took the life out of me and instead of venturing around the CBD, I would head back to the hotel for another nap.  I occasionally enjoyed the heated pool yet I found myself in bed.

Week 17

Towards the end of our Melbourne rendezvous, I started to experience a burning pain which was located just under my right-hand side boob, under the ribs.  I Googled the pain and self-diagnosed myself with gall bladder issues.  J Later on I found out that it is simply growth pains whereby the ligaments had torn.  This pain would come and go up till Week 22.  To relieve the pain, I would roll over to my left-hand side and sleep it off.

Week 19

OMG my boobs are leaking!!  At first I blamed Scott for wetting me.  I thought he must not have dried himself off after the shower and flicked my chest.  A few days later when I was working on the laptop, I casually scratched my left boob and my hand got wet.  I started investigating by thoroughly checking out my nipple.  Wholly crap, there was a clear watery-oily type substance oozing out with droplets of orange stuff.  I was in shock.  Obviously it was colostrum but why was it coming so soon.  I took a video and sent it to Scott, my two best friends, my sister, mother and mother-in-law.  You could imagine the reaction from Scott.  Haha. He was not impressed that I send him some form of nudity while he was at work.  I’m still laughing.  My sexual breasts have just been transformed into the same category as cow udders.  His life is doomed.

Week 20

Baby kicks!!  It was around this week that I could finally differentiate between gas and actual kicks from the twins.  The feeling is so strange yet amazing at the same time.  I just want them to wake up more often and not leave it till past 5pm every day before they move.

Around this time with the sudden growth of the twins, I would experience reflux prior to falling asleep.  You can read more about how I manage reflux while pregnant here.  It is not a pretty thing – belching, regurgitating your food, bloating not to mention the burn in your throat.

Week 21

Before falling pregnant in January, I commenced regular sessions with a respiratory specialist at the Mater Hospital.  After traveling through Asia, South America, US and Canada last year; I returned home with inflammation on my chest.  Unfortunately, I have not fully recovered so I regularly see a specialist to monitor my lung capacity.  It was my doctor Lucy who recommended I speak to a dietician, which I found very helpful and the dietician handed me a weight chart specifically for women carrying twins, that I am to follow whilst monitoring my gains throughout pregnancy.  I was 66kgs at the time and slightly under the recommended weight.

Week 22

With the advice from the dietician, I started to have snacks in between meals and put on a whopping 1.5kgs in a week.

Week 24

Aggressive baby kicks from both babies at the same time.  I woke up on Monday morning with butterfly kicks happening below my belly button and more like punches and somersaults from the little boy (he’s last out and sits above his sister) under my right boob.  Gosh he’s strong and active.  He kicked me on and off until 2pm that day.  This week they have both been very active which I felt slight pain towards my lower belly / pelvic bone.  This week I weighed in at 68.7 kgs.  Snacking certainly works.

Week 25

To be continued

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