Over the past three weeks (Week 24 / Week 25 / Week 26) I’ve experienced a few pregnancy symptoms which I feel I should inform those who have yet to take this pregnancy journey.

Shaving becomes near impossible

Yep!! I thought I better get this one out in the open. I like to keep myself maintained but it is very difficult when you have two babies in your belly and you’re rapidly expanding. I can no longer see what I am doing down there and I persevere through the task until I ‘feel’ it is all in order. Of course, for those ladies who are a little old school, this will not be an issue.  (Now I think of it, any task where you need to bend to touch your toes is a mission. I now sit down before putting my shoes on and getting my undies on is like playing a game.  I swing them low and hope my foot catches the right hole)

Dry skin patches

Apart from the odd itchy spot on my belly (skin is stretching), I now have about five dry red spots on my right upper arm. After doing my own research it appears it might be PUPPP – pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. I’m not worried about it as it is purely due to my hormonal changes and possibly hydration which should go away after pregnancy. I rub Bio Oil on my belly and the spots, and try to stay hydrated through the day. It is just weird looking. Looks like a have a mild case of chicken pox.

Shortness of breath

I’ve put on 11kgs now and it is all in my belly so I feel like I’m carrying around a sack of potatoes under my shirt. Walking is more difficult now and I find 30 minutes is safe. Whereas before I was walking a good hour with my dog through the forest up and over hills. I am also an asthmatic therefore I’m probably struggling more than the average person.

Muscle aches

Only in the last two weeks have I had aches in my upper back; deltoids, trapezius and latissimus dorsi muscles. I’m assuming it is due to slouching when I’m typing on the laptop for work as I have not been swimming for the past month or lifting any weights.

Boob leakage

So I found out that I shouldn’t squeeze the colostrum out as this could cause preterm labour. Whoops! After hearing that information I stopped touching them altogether and now if they drip, I just let them drip and leave them alone. There aren’t many others I’ve found who started leaking so early as 20 weeks but we are all so different. I didn’t have morning sickness but I have an excess of leakage.

Leg cramps

This is not a big deal but I’ve found lately on a few occasions in the morning when I wake up, I will get a cramp in either my toes or calf. It occurs at the time you stretch out straight from being curled up all night in a foetal position. The cramp latches on and you pray it doesn’t go on too long. I spoke to my midwife about it and apparently it is very common. I’m not fussed as they come and go so fast.


Save the worst till last. I’m really struggling with this one. For the past three weeks, every night I lay down I will experience a burn in my throat. I’m fed up with it now, I went out and bought Mylanta to aid indigestion. It is an instant relief. I only take 2 teaspoons of it before I go to bed and this seems to settle it.

Considering all of the above, my twin pregnancy is still pretty easy. I’m so thankful I’m not hugging a toilet every morning, vomiting my guts up. Some poor girls really have it tough. I haven’t had any scares at my antenatal appointments; all reports have been promising and my bubs seem to be gaining weight as they should be. I’m now 26.5 weeks pregnant and my belly is measuring 31cms. Which is a rough guide for a singleton birth, each cm equalling each week of gestation. So I guess I’m the size of a 31week singleton. I’ve gain 12kgs now so I have another 5kgs ideally left to gain. My next post will be from Airlie Beach – woohoo!! Which I probably shouldn’t be risking travelling away from my doctors, care plan and hospital however this will be the last three weeks of peacefulness. I doubt I will ever have this amount of time to reflect on myself, just reading, sleeping, eating and enjoying the views overlooking the Whitsundays.

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