I Just Wanted to See What It Felt Like

It’s not a secret that I am a slow runner. I’m okay with that for now, but obviously it’s not where I want to be forever. So my running partner and I have started incorporating farklets on our outdoor runs–not inside, because I am not graceful, and would probably fall off the treadmill. Farklets, it turns out, not only help you improve your speed, but are super fun. Who knew?

Thanks to all the rain last week, we took our runs inside. On the treadmill cattycorner to me (meaning in front, but to the side so I could still see her time) was a short but very strong-looking girl (think soccer player type) and, dude, she was flying. Almost five minute miles and she kept it up for a solid twenty minutes.

I couldn’t help but wonder, I wonder what that feels like?¬†Does it feel like flying? Does it feel like you are a complete badass and nothing can stop you today? I wanted to feel like that.

And so I did it. I cranked the treadmill up from my usual 11 minute mile to a 9 minute mile. I took a breather and then went for a 7 minute mile. (Note that I was not doing a full mile at these speeds. I was doing a minute.) I rested again, and then I went for it: A 6 minute mile. Not as fast as super girl in front of me, but for me? Yes, it felt like I was flying.

I probably looked like this:


But I felt like this:



Everyone needs to feel like Shelly Ann at least once in their lives.


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3 Responses

  1. cara says:

    because of this feeling i am addicted to interval running. If I am really having a whiny, i dont want to run day, I tell myself I can do intervals and then I end up having an amazing run.

  2. Karen says:

    This makes me want to go run, and I’m not a runner!

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