How to Do a Running Streak Without Killing Yourself


Today marks a big first for me: I ran four days in a row. For all you veteran runners out there, I know this isn’t such a big deal to you. But it is a big deal to me, because a year ago running four days in a row would have been unthinkable.

Four days is not going to become five days. My hip feels a little stiff and I don’t want to risk a re-injury. Not so close to my first 5k! So my mini-streak is going to stay just that–mini. I will take Friday off, and the weekend (I rarely run on weekends anyway due to the lack of child care), and will pick up again on Monday.

But I think maybe, after the 5k, I would like to try a mini running streak again. To prepare, I read everything I could find on how to do a running streak without injuring yourself. Here’s what I found.

1. Don’t go downhill too often–the next day, that hurts more than going uphill. (No Meat Athlete)

2. Mix in low-mileage for rest days. (Source: Women’s Running)

3. Streaking is not for total newbies. A base of at least six months of regular running is recommended. (Source: Runner’s World)

4. Don’t go overboard with other forms of exercise at the same time. (Source: The Improbable Runner)

5. Stop if it doesn’t feel right. (Source: Common Sense)

Have you ever done a running streak? How long?

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3 Responses

  1. Salt says:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE your blog and this post. Congrats on your mini-streak and very smart to not overdo it so close to your 5K! Good luck with the remainder of your race training. I’m excited to hear how it goes for you!

    I did a run streak around the holidays that ended up going for 61 days. Most days I just got in a mile or two to keep it going. It was a lot of fun, even though I think that was the beginning of my tendonitis (a little pain in my ankle is what got me to stop).

  2. Kira says:

    That sounds like a nice streak! I was doing pretty well with the running and 5ks last year but I’ve really been slacking off lately (so many excuses), and my first 5K of the year is in just two weeks. Could be brutal!

    You’re doing great. Yes, downhill is hard (I learned that during the Warrior Dash last year, way scarier than going UP).

  3. Amy Mak says:

    That’s a great running streak! I like to take a day off every two days or I start to feel very tired. Today I had a 20-miler which I know sounds insane but it was the last long run before the SLC marathon. I’m dead tired and have a giant blister on my baby toe – wah! It’s good to find moms who run – thanks for the great info above. I am trying to “Chi” run with that little bit of forward lean to stay off the heels. I wear Newtons which are light and push me forward a bit.

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