At 12 weeks pregnant my sister was stating how big I looked for my first trimester.  I felt quite proud to be carrying a big baby yet little did I […]

Over the past three weeks (Week 24 / Week 25 / Week 26) I’ve experienced a few pregnancy symptoms which I feel I should inform those who have yet to […]

It is now week 24 (6 months) or should I say the twinnies are 66% cooked.  For those who don’t know about twin pregnancy, well full term for us lucky […]

I’m currently 24 weeks (6 months) pregnant with fraternal twins and the one part of the day I fear most is right before bed.  As soon as my head hits […]

Last week I experienced the worst massage I have ever had, and I have had my fair share over the years. But after this morning’s 2nd pregnancy massage I can […]

I must admit, I am cruising through pregnancy with these twins considering the only pain I get is in the upper right abdomen area and reflux from time to time.  […]