Hello, my name is Sammy. I will soon be a mummy of twins & have created this blog to share my journey, highs & lows of motherhood but more importantly maintain my own life. Before being a mum I enjoyed fitness whether that is participating in Ironman events around the world, CrossFit sessions, marathon & ultra marathon events, travelling the globe, studying, spending time with my chocolate Labrador Bella or relaxing on the beach. I want to still have all of that, along with being an awesome mother to the twins & wife to Scott.


I continue to hear from those around me; ‘Oh your life is about to be flipped upside down,’ and ‘you won’t be able to do any of that when your a mum.’ Well I’m here to prove that mums can continue achieving their dreams & goals whilst nurturing their bubs.  Too many parents blame their kids for not having achieved their goals but it need not be the case.  This blog will not only keep me honest and accountable but create a community of mums who also are on a mission to pursue their plans.  Plenty of determination, planning, communication, courage, sleepless nights, tears, sweat, and the rest is required but I’m up for the challenge.  


The birth of this blog is only in the first few months, so please be patient as I have some great ideas and plans for this site.  If you have time and wish to stay connected, please subscribe to my newsletter and head on over to my social media links and hit the like button.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you and I would love to know yours too.